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Getting Started

Getting started with the Stack API is a relatively straight forward process. API calls are authenticated with an API KEY passed in the Authorization header parameter, requests bodies are sent as JSON, HTTP responses come back as JSON, HTTP response codes are standard and verbs are uniform.


An API Key is basically your password to access our endpoints. Think of it like this, We keep all the good stuff behind a locked door and your API key is your special key that unlocks that door.

To Authenticate an API request, you MUST pass the api key as the Authorization Header.

For example, if you have the following API Key sk_adc11964-af08-4c5f-a7d4-f85723f6731a , an authenticated API call's header should include "Authorization": "sk_adc11964-af08-4c5f-a7d4-f85723f6731a"

Verifying your authentication

When in doubt, just verify that your API request is properly authenticated by making a GET HTTP request to the /ping endpoint.

Example request

curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'Authorization: sk_adc11964-af08-4c5f-a7d4-f85723f6731a'

Assuming your request was properly authenticated and successful, you should get a 200 response status code with the response body:

Expected response

    "message": "pong"